Please help us to help them. Help Bangkok Community Help!

Bangkok Community Help exists in order to provide assistance to the more vulnerable sections of our Bangkok society. It’s an opportunity to give back to our collective community.

Greg Lange and Friso Poldervaart with their whole team are doing a great Job. Check out what they are doing and how you can help.
We will put a donation box at our shop also if you like to give a small donation.
If you want to donate a bottle (or more)of orange juice please let us know.

Order by messenger or Line:

Or you can order direct online:

For every bottle you donate @25 THB we add 1 bottle.
100= 200 etc.

On 19 June we donated 750 bottles of orange juice to the community!

Thank you!

More info:

Bangkok Community Help is an initiative founded at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic working in the re-painting, cleaning, renovation, food distribution and construction projects for the betterment of the Klong Toey community and others in need.

Bangkok community help was approached by a few members of the Klong Toey community asking to use the kitchen of his restaurant to prepare hot meals for the starving, hunger striken people living in the slums.
Greg Lange who also had experience running a charity in the US, immediately agreed to let them use his kitchen, and this also got him interested in helping the people of the community.
As he and his team started to visit the slums, they became aware of many other issues that the community was facing including dirty garbage sites infested by rats, dilapidated houses, lack of food, basic sanitation facilities among many others. He and his deeply committed volunteers began to work on various re-painting, cleaning, renovation and construction projects for the betterment of the community.
Upon seeing and getting inspired by this group’s work, many local and expat volunteers started to join hands with them and that’s when Bangkok community help was formed.
In the beginning Greg and his friends Paul, Dwight, Friso, Fern, Cassie and Megan came together on Sunday afternoons to hand out hot meals to the people of the community. They would also give out packets of rice, tinned fish, and eggs to those of the community in extra need. As time went by word of their weekend activities spread and they began to collect toys, clothing and various household items given to them by the Bangkok Community to donate to those in need.
As they went deeper into the communities it was quickly realized that donating food and items were not enough, and extra help was needed inside the community itself. Greg quickly formed his weekday team consisting of William, Mathias, Kat and Karla and they began to turn a garbage collected area into a stunning green garden.
Bangkok Community Help are always on the lookout for new volunteers to join them either on weekdays for painting and building destroyed homes or on Sundays to hand out hot food and donated items to the locals. If you are interested please get in touch!

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